Crushed by his own mismanagement ?

Fast Talking High Flying Dave’s Window of Opportunity is getting SMALLER 

NEWSFLASH: Air Pacific has chartered an aircraft from Tonga so they can meet passenger commitments.. Question is why can we not lease available aircraft to service our essential routes?. Is it because commissions are not paid on leased aircraft. ?

NEWSFLASH: It is rumoured FTHF Dave has been banned from entry into Australia, does this mean that Qantas representatives will have to travel to Fiji to listen to his BS or will they keep a safe distance in case it is contagious ??? 

  1. How can you spare time speaking at a seminar in Suva, when Pacific Sun and Air Pacific Aircraft are not meeting flight schedules. Should you not put your own business in order before trying to confuse the police force.
  2. Did the operating income improvement last year include monies paid to Air Pacific by Boeing.
  3. Is Air Pacific currently financially solvent and in a position to make the payments for the purchase of Airbus Aircraft.
  4. How can you lecture on Teamwork when the morale at Air Pacific is so poor under your management.
  5. Do you REALLY know what you are doing and is the Fiji Pensioners $400 Million Dollars safe and secure ???