YESTERDAY’S NEWS: A number tourists missed their connections home because of IMC problems on the Twin Otters FTHF Dave purchased, in a “Great Deal” from the USA. Why is that DAVE?, something to do with rain?, did you not notice the rain when you were sitting on the Ministers knee? Can you tell the people of Fiji and the Tourism industry what the problem is, or do you plan to divert their attention elsewhere?

Today’s flight from Sydney to Nadi has been delayed again and is scheduled to arrive in Nadi at 16.55, that is 4.55 pm folks.

Yet the flight from Nadi to Sydney which has ALSO been delayed, is scheduled to depart at 16.50, which is 5 minutes before FJ 914 arrives; will it happen ?…. Only if FTHF Dave has got another 737 and crew lined up… Otherwise it could be too late to beat the Sydney curfew… Time will tell

Why are the Fiji Pensioners taking an interest in your operations, well you have $400 Million dollars of OUR MONEY….