The S E G of Fast Talking High Flying Dave

Dave, probably no one has ever told you, but the secret every good CEO knows, is build a good management team before delegating total control. Something it appears you have failed to do.

Clearly you have got so used to the PER system where the only news is good news, as a result you have lost your grip on reality.

At this very moment 29th December 2011, there is an elderly Samoan lady who is a resident of Australia who has been sitting in a Hotel in Nadi for 3 days waiting to get back to Australia because one of her relatives has died.

So far there have been three delays of her flight and one cancellation, and this to AUSTRALIA, and the poor woman having paid money to Air Pacific is now trying to book on another airline even though she cannot afford to do so.
(Breaking News) There will now be a chartered flight to Melbourne  tomorrow Friday.

In the meantime the Air Pacific flight to New Zealand has been delayed 14 hours.

So Air Pacific Christmas Chaos continues and we wonder who you will blame Dave?, Father Christmas ??

Why Dave did you choose what would be the busiest and most critical time for Air Pacific to take your holiday?, hardly the action of a top of the line CEO.