The Worlds Friendliest CEO 

The Kings New Clothes, well we all know the story about the Kings New Clothes, because the King believed the BS he was told, he walked Buck Naked through the streets of the city thinking he was wearing perfect robes.

Well the PER works pretty well the same way, and now it has extended to Fast Talking High Flying Dave, because he is assured of no bad PR in the press, he has gone on Christmas Holidays in USA with a total disregard of over 200 of Air Pacific customers who have been stranded in Limbo ( some kept in transit in Hong Kong, for over 48 hours ) all have spent a total of 6 hours on the runway in an aircraft that proved incapable of flight. They have had to wear the same clothes for 48 hours because they cannot have access to their luggage…

Where is CEO Fast Talking High Flying Dave?, well the Lucky PER Protected CEO is on a well earned Christmas Break, probably Buck Naked in a Hotel Suite in Hollywood standing in front of a mirror admiring his new clothes, while a few hundred travelers wonder why on earth they booked a Christmas season  flight on the Worlds Friendliest airline, and vowing never to do so again.

Can the board of FNPF please withdraw the loan offer IMMEDIATELY !!!, it might be appropriate to rename Air Pacific “ Murphys Airline” since Murphys Law is “ANYTHING THAT CAN GO WRONG WILL”. But FTHF Dave will be OK, because he will be protected by his Minister