Dear Mr Kodagoda & Associates

I write this time not about numbers and changes to FNPF but to ask just what sort of men you are? 

I sent you all an email on 24 November 2011 expressing my deep concern about  one of your pensioners, whom I had learned  was contemplating suicide because of the impact the changes on FNPF would have on him.  I was deeply concerned about him.  I thought you should be aware of this as it illustrated graphically the potential human impact the proposed changes to FNPF may have on some pensioners. 

But sadly not one of you responded, expressing concern, asking if you could help, offering advice or assistance, suggesting medical help or counseling, seeking help from a priest, the Church.  No….. nothing….just silence……nothing but silence from all of you.  Some of you know me personally, you could have phoned, you know my contacts.  And those of you I don’t know personally, you could have tried to contact me, after all Suva is not a large place.

Don’t you have any compassion, care, or  concern for the well being of your pensioners?  Words fail me…………..couldn’t any one of you have shown some concern………… even just a little bit?

Or is that you are gagged so much that you are stopped from showing even basic concern for your pensioners?

Look in the mirror, and reflect.  You could and should have done better. 

What an appalling indictment all this is on you six gentlemen as a whole.

You should be ashamed.  Truly ashamed.

Yours sincerely
RG McDonald