Lest we Forget ?, How very sad, it seems a great many of us, including people who like to regard themselves as leading citizens of our Nation already have.

There was a time when almost every shop or certainly the leading retailers had a Poppy Appeal box for Remembrance Day, to remember all those who had fallen not only in the first World War but those who have given their lives in conflicts since. The monies raised goes to Armed Forces Charities throughout the world.

Here in Fiji particularly in the West, very few seem to care, included in the list of don’t cares were market leaders, Carpenters, Jacks, Tappoos, Motibhais and of course all the Supermarkets owned by Prasads, Patels etc.

I know this because I went to each of these companies in an attempt to make a donation and collect a small paper Poppy to signify I remembered and I cared.

Finally I went to Nadi International Airport because I thought major outlets there that cream profits from International travelers were bound to have a Poppy Appeal even though they did not personally profit from the exercise. Again disappointment, the staff at the leading store did not even know what Armistice or Remembrance Day was. Lest we Forget, what a joke.. But if their properties or lives were ever endangered, these would be the first people to scream for protection from the military, any military..

Finally I found a donation point at Airports Fiji Ltd Information Desk, their management which includes a Singaporean Chinese are to be congratulated, and I was later advised that Dulux offices had an appeal box, but sadly these are outnumbered by the greedy, self centered, self serving who simply no longer care, if they ever did..