Dear Mr Kodagoda and associates 

Further to my earlier emails to which I have not received a reply, you may have seen media reports that I will be retiring on 31 March 2012 and so from that date I will be very dependant on my pension for income.  I will be a pensioner in the full sense of the word.

With no thanks to you gentlemen after some forty years of contributing and looking forward to retirement, it now seems  from your contradictory press reports that if the reforms go through, I will receive less than half of my existing pension to fund my retirement.  This sadly will cause considerable adjustment in the life style of my wife and I.

Whilst I only know two of you gentlemen personally I was just wondering what your broader list of friends and relatives who are existing pensioners must be thinking of you when they see it is you who are responsible for them receiving a lower pension, that will directly cause them hardship and grief as they struggle to survive on their reduced pension income.

I can  understand the difficult position you are placed in as you will know deep down that the suggested reforms are wrong.  The sensible way through and of course the honourable thing  for you all to do is to resign your positions.  This way you will clear your conscience and salvage your friendships and restore respect with relatives and the broader community.

I urge you to resign now. It is the honourable thing to do.

Yours sincerely,
RG McDonald