The Flying Fijians never took off. There is no shame in losing to a better side, if one has put in the hard yard, works as a team, and plays with a passion to win. Sadly this is not what happened at Eden Park on Sunday 25th September.

Our team never got out of first gear, they lumbered instead of running, they failed even to jump or lift in line outs, on more than one occasion they ran into each other when receiving a simple pass, in fact their first half performance was so bad and so slow one wonders if they had sat up all night drinking Kava.

On their performance at Eden Park they would not have won an Australian First 15 Schoolboy competition.

As to the Fiji coach Domoni mumbling about emotion getting to the team, what about the emotions of enthusiasm and passion to win, has he considered that?.

He and the selectors should keep in mind they were given $2.6 million dollars of Fiji taxpayer’s money for the team to compete in the RWC, and from the selected teams performance they clearly left the best team and the best coaches in Fiji to watch in horror.