Saturday September 17th 2011, I was reading the Sun newspaper. As I was turning page 23 from right to left the word ‘suicide’ caught my eye. I turned the page back, and this is what I saw. A full page Vodafone ad.

‘Suicidal Squirrels They’re cute! They’re adorable! And they’re having enough of it all! Your mission is to help lots and lots of Squirrels kill themselves.’ The ad is not even good English!

Apparently this is one of many ‘Top Java Games’ and you can download it by texting its code to 4444.

Grey power people, please – we need to use our hard-earned wisdom to fight this kind of child abuse and all other kinds of child abuse. We need to add the fight against this abomination to the fight for our rights to respect, self-reliance and dignity. While we fight for our right to a dignified old age, we must fight for the right of the child to innocence. It is our duty to protect our grand-children from the mindless profiteering of mobile phone and video gaming interests.

Young people world-wide are committing suicide. Kids as young as eleven years old are killing themselves!

Oh – so it’s only squirrels? What about respect for innocent animals? It is a well documented fact that kids who kill animals for pleasure grow up to kill their fellow human beings.

Enough is enough! We, the older generation, the intelligent and wise, need to put an end to the current mind-set of gratuitous violence.

Copy-cat killings are on the rise. Copy-cat suicides are common. Our young are disenchanted enough already with the way we are running the world, without being invited to join in a game to help squirrels commit suicide.

We must demand that Vodafone withdraw this download immediately