We encourage comments on our publications, the following are some of last week’s comments:

Cutting the pensions of a few hundred pensioners is not the long term answer to the woes of the FNPF. It is a short term, knee jerk reaction by a board and management team who are incapable of planning for the future.

Of course the FNPF needs restructuring and there are a great many factors to be taken into consideration for future retirees.
Future pensions should have basic medical benefits and should be cost of living indexed. This is within the abilities of the fund if it is properly structured and not run by greedy incompetents.
Why should people who have worked all their lives, be cast off by the society which they contributed to, that would be a criminal act by the society they live in.
The current FNPF management is acting like a pack of wild dogs, that drive off the weak and sick from their pack because they are no longer fit for hunting.
What the FNPF needs at this time is people of vision, not a pack of dogs howling and snarling.

On FT Letters
I read the letter as well and am convinced that it was written by some ball polisher from FNPF. As for the Fiji Times, everyone knows that some journalists seems to have a soft spot for Taito. I remember that during Taito’s charade in the name of submissions, a Fiji Times journalists heaped him with praises for being calm despite all criticisms. She forgot to think outside the box and reason that Taito was calm as he had no answer to give for all the misappropriations. This same journalists if I recall claimed for maintenance payment from Taito’s father -in law for a child while he was ruling Fiji after dooming this country into the coup culture. As for Ms. Fatu, she is a selfish lady who is very unchristian as she doesn’t care about the effects that the reduction in pension will have on the pensioners. For her, 11% is just a number. She doesn’t feel the pain of others. She should consult her bible again especially the part where its spelled out that “do unto others what you want done to you….”. She says that we should save the ship before it sinks. FYI Ms. Fatu, the problem is not the ship but the pilot, engineers and the crews. You need to save the ship from them and not the poor pensioners who did no wrong to deserve such cruel treatment. The pensioners did not make senseless decisions that resulted in the loss of 330 million. The pensioners did not tell FNPF to invest in the Momi project which is now rotting away. The pensioners had no hand in FNPF recruiting experts and expensive management companies to manage the Natadola and Momi projects. And last but not the least, the pensioners had no hand in allowing buffet lunches for staffs and families of the hotel and golf course in Natadola and interest free loans to ex-GM and his deputy (who by the way has done a runner to NZ). The pensioners also had no hand in wasting FNPF’s money on staff training as a result of recruitment of unworthy staff on whom you know basis. So why punish the pensioners.

Good on you, Johnny. That is exactly right. Have you noticed that FNPF is on a back foot lately? It stubbornly wants not to lose face by not backtracking from its proposal so its advertisements are becoming something of a broken down record; and incoherent also. I think the boys at the helm (not a single woman on Board) are uneducated, ill-informed carpetbaggers. Did you know that Ajith Kodagoda the FNPF chairman has also 2 other jobs (3 if you count his job with CJ Patel- what do they want out of this I wonder); Kodagoda is head of ATH (ah ha- didn’t they take money from FNPF?) ; and wait for it- FIRCA. What, you say? I do too.

Pensioners have every right to ask the President for a Commission of Inquiry.
La Passionara