The following news stories are from ABC Australia Pacific beat, just click the links for the transcripts:

Radio Australia:Pacific Beat:Story:Fiji employers join calls for independent review of pension fund

Presenter: Jemima Garrett, Pacific Business and Economic reporter
Speaker: Prue Rouse, Managing Director of Sigma Security and vice President of Fiji Crime Stoppers International

Radio Australia:Pacific Beat:Story:Fiji govt tries to have court strike out pension cut challenge

Presenter: Jemima Garrett. Speaker: Dr Shaista Shameem, Principal of Shameem law in Suva. … Dr Shaista Shameem is Mr Burness’ lawyer. SHAMEEM: They both made vigorous applications before the court to have the matter struck out on procedural grounds, and my response was on human

Radio Australia:Pacific Beat:Story:Fiji pensioners threaten to sue PM and NPF Board members

This morning the pensioners legal counsel, Dr Shaista Shameem, wrote to interim Prime Minister Bainimarama and to FNPF Board members warning them appointment of the Board members took place outside the … law. Presenter: Jemima Garrett, Pacific Economic and Business reporter. Speaker: Dr Shaista Shameem, Principal ShameemLaw and legal counsel to Fiji’s pensioners.

Radio Australia:Pacific Beat:Story:Pensioner’s urgent legal action tests independence of Fiji courts

Presenter: Jemima Garrett. Speaker: Dr Shaista Shameem, Principal of the Suva law firm,Shameem Law. … SHAMEEM: The proposed cuts will affect him quite drastically because at the age of 75 he is not likely to re-enter employment and he relies on his pension a great deal.