CEO Aisake Taito remains ‘firm’ on a lot of things- ‘firm’ on GPH decision as reported in the media on 10th August, ‘firm’ on cuts to pensioners’ last source of income and livelihood, ‘firm’ on the stand of FNPF Trust, as a trustee with absolute powers to do things without consultations with the beneficiaries; and ‘firm’ on the message he sends out regularly to the pensioners- ‘you are nothing; the Board is everything’.

This is why Grey Power supports the action of  David Fowler Burness, because the CEO  (presumably backed by the ‘Board’) has no desire to take any beneficiaries’ views into account. One assumes that FNPF’s attitude is the same towards members who are not yet beneficiaries.

Oh we forget! Some of us were invited to attend the launch of a ‘new product’ by FNPF yesterday. The notice that went out (very 11th hour) said that FNPF wished to ‘interact with our pensioners and to hear their views on a new product FNPF intends to launch’ We went along to see what this ‘new product was’- a new pension scheme perhaps?

But no, when we got there, FNPF was launching a new ‘product’ that will allow pensioners to use M-Paisa to receive their pensions- what pensions will we have left to acquire through M-Paisa, can FNPF tell us?

Also it is ridiculous that FNPF does not consult pensioners on the really serious matters but tries to make up for it by promoting a new product which will have the effect of putting even less money in the pensioners’ pockets!

Grey Power is of the firm view that the FNPF head honchos are not operating in the real real world!